Sep 19, 2014

Home and Garden Expo 2014

Home and Garden Expo 2014 (HGE) opened September 16 and runs through the 28th.   HGE is spread over nine sims, featuring the finest in Second Life Home and Garden design products and creator tools.  Over 85 participating creators have joined HGE Relay For Life of Second Life in its tenth season to raise funds for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

This year’s HGE includes a comprehensive shopping guide listing all donation items, new releases, hunt, raffle and gatcha items.  For complete information regarding Expo please visit the HGE Official Blog
HGE1 2048
HGE1-2 2048
*HOME & GARDEN EXPO-Ends Sep 28*
[Links below are direct TPs at Expo]
Persnickity - Shabby Garden Shed
Persnickity - Dripping Faucet with Pink Roses
Lok's - Pallets and Raised Flowerbeds with Plants
Lok's - Pallet Bed with Headboard & Nightstands
Dysfunctional Designs - Glass Pendant Light RFL Special
JoHaDeZ - GardenFence
Fabric Lab -  Dirt Groundcover 17 Texture
[see all textures below]

Other credits:
Dysfunctional Designs - Tree on a Rock White
Dysfunctional Designs - Tree with Grass White
what next - Madrid Rug
Izzie's - Autumn Terrain Texures

Sep 18, 2014

Nature's Calling

Nature's Calling
Blueberry - Carissa Dress
[2 versions satin & matte (shown) available in 10 colors with hud to change trim and tie colors]
Kunglers Extra - Thereza Necklace Copper *JEWELRY FAIR*
[available in 5 colors]
Morphine - Jade Tan Skintone Melon/BlackBrow
[available in 3 skintones in 5 makeups]
Vibe Poses - Curveture 05 *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*
[10 pose pack +mirrors]

Other credits:
Kunglers Extra - TDRF #045 EarringCopper [past TDR rotation]
Exile - Blown Away
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual

Sep 17, 2014

Junkyard Cat

*ONEWORD-CATS-Ends Sep 30*
Gato - Wild Skirt Natural
[2 colors]
Sweet Thing - Black Neko Tail
[5 colors-includes animated & non-animated]
pr!tty - Katy Hair Black
[6 hat colors]

Other credits:
Zibska - Caton Umber Makeup
Sn@tch - Mindy Ribbed Bodysuit Top Grey
Milk - Odd Beauty Freckles.
Tentacio - lolly cat toffe
Osito - Scarf Patchwork RARE
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Fist R/Mouse L
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 No Brow
Exposuer Poses - Singles Special 13M

A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral opened on September 15...a shopping/music event featuring steampunk, steamgoth, dieselpunk, dieselgoth and dark Victoriana to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.   The event runs until midnight October 1.

For more information please visit A Clockwork Spiral blog.

ACS1 Collage
[event is on an Adult rated sim...make sure you're verified :)]
Greymoon - Timeless Steampunk Day Outfit
Chaos Panic & Disorder (CPD) - Gyroscope Walking Stick
Bliensen + MaiTai - Luminiferous Dragonfly Ring
Souzou Eien - Serpentine Optics
Atomic Faery - Faerycog Nails Hud

Other credits
D!va Hair - Yuko Type A Onyx
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual R/Gesture L
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Adorkable Poses - Breezy 8

Sep 16, 2014

Delicious Infection

*THE CO-OP - BON TEMPS-Ends Sep 21*
Moon Amore - Lisa Crop Shirt
[2 hud options each with 5 texture/colors each]
13 - Northman Tactile Pants Tan
[available in 3 colors]
13 - Fangbangers Natural RARE
[8 options]
Kitty Moon - Touch of Knew Blood Bronze Pendant
[available in 3 metals]

HopScotch - Suvival Guides Food
[6 different books each including wearable & rez options]
BluPrintz - Stage 3 Infection Toxic
[8 colors]
Myrai Style - UpperLeg Zombie Antivirus Camo Green
[3 different types (antidote, antivirus & virus) & 3 texture/colors for each type]
Wicked Peach - Nails Decay
[click to see larger]
Wicked Peach Advert Decay

BT+LU Collage
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #13 Safe House RARE
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #10 Poster Infected Area
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #6 Industrial Shelving Empty
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #8 Water Supply
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #3 Portable Toilet
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #7 Industrial Shelving
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #9 Water Cooler
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #2 Sign Here Be Zombies
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #1 Sign Safe House
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #11 Poster Authorized Personel Only
Frogstar - Safe House Gacha #5 First Aid Kit Grungy
Frogstar - First Aid Kit Grungy Open
Kuro - Trash Green
Kuro - Trash Green w/ flies
Kuro - Trash black
Kuro - Trash (black) w/ flies
Kuro - Cage lamp

*Other credits:
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Mouse
Truth Hair - Denee Browns05
Belleza - Claudia Fair 0 No Brow
Belleza - Claudia Fair Matte 4
Death Row Designs - demonic red eyes
LpD Skins - Parted Lips (Alpha Tex)